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About Nfa Consulting, Llc
Program success cannot happen without a plan. Utilize your time, people, and resources to successfully execute that plan.

Based in Burlington, MA, NFA Consulting is a strategic planning and growth management consulting firm that specializes in helping government and industry-leading organizations achieve their goals.

We’ll help you visualize where you’re going and help you get there. We will position you to take advantage of opportunities and learn how to increase the efficiency of your program. When meeting with our clients, we tailor our services to meet their individual needs; this is important because every agency, company, and organization is different with a unique set of programs, resources, and people.

Let us help you envision future possibilities and capitalize on new opportunities. We provide the quantitative and qualitative skills needed to set your plan, mitigate risks, achieve organizational effectiveness, recognize strengths, and positively move your program forward. Our overarching goal is to make sure your programs are successful.

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NFA Consulting, LLC was built to provide government agencies, industry and service contractors the ability to focus on and develop their strategic vision, acquisition concepts, and programmatic success as well as align government and industry activities with senior leadership, middle management, and staff. With NFA Consulting LLC, the client receives:
  • The experience of working with a company who understands what it takes to set up a strategy and execute it.
  • Insight from years of working with DoD and other federal agencies, and knowing what it takes to meet their expectation and support their needs.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit of a small business working to meet requirements in a complex and technology driven environment.
  • The unparalleled knowledge drawn from a leadership who have worked in all areas of the business, from analyst to program manager, business development to Operations Lead, and also President/CEO.
  • An understanding of how to win contracts, from finding an opportunity to closing the deal.
  • The critical skill of addressing and managing risk while ensuring a solid performance.
  • The experience of managing programs and organizations at its best, capitalizing on unlimited opportunities and contract income, and creating an environment where the marketplace is controlled when programs faced financial and resource limitations.
  • The corporate awareness of having worked for private firms, family-owned firms, equity owned firms, and publicly traded firms.

President + CEO
Neil F. Albert

Neil F. Albert is President/CEO of NFA Consulting, LLC. Founded in 2016, NFA Consulting provides strategic planning advice and growth management support to government and industry service providers.

With over 38 years of experience, Mr. Albert has been working, managing, and leading multiple government and industry service support organizations. He works in the areas of strategic planning, program management, cost/schedule analysis, project performance measurement, acquisition management, and risk assessment.

From 2016 to 2018 Mr. Albert was President/Chief Growth Officer of Advanced Concepts & Technologies, International (ACT I) where he directed the business operations and development for the company. As Chief Growth Officer, he was responsible for ensuring customer diversification and growth. He also led the company’s business development, proposal, and pricing activities. In two years as Chief Growth Officer, the company’s revenue grew almost 250%.

From 2004 to 2016, Mr. Albert was the Vice Chairman, President/CEO of MCR, LLC where he was responsible for the company’s strategic vision, operational goals, and overall company execution. He worked to increase and improve his clients’ marketplace intelligence, federal agency capabilities and offerings to align corporate activities with business development and senior leadership to focus on increasing and improving the company’s international, intelligence, and federal agency capabilities and offerings.

He also directed and managed all aspects of the company from corporate operations to the business operations of its three wholly owned subsidiaries. In this role, he supported government and industry customers by providing integrated program management activities. This work included cost estimating and analysis, acquisition and program management support, earned value management, contract management, funds management, systems engineering, software acquisition, logistics, education, and training.

Mr. Albert joined MCR in 1988 as Director and became Vice President in 1995. In 1999, MCR was sold to General Research Corporation International which was quickly bought by AT&T in 2000. As a result, Mr. Albert became Senior Vice President of AT&T and General Manager of MCR (a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T) from 2000 to 2004. Prior to MCR, Mr. Albert worked for Textron Defense Systems as Director of Cost Estimating and Analysis, where he led all cost and pricing activities in the company including capital investment analysis, make/buy decision support, production process improvement, financial assessment, and subcontractor price analysis.

image of Neil F. Albert
A Respected Leader in the Field

Mr. Albert has been a leader in numerous associations and organizations which directly reflect the knowledge and experience he provides in NFA Consulting services, including serving as a founding member of the Department of Defense’s “Defense Business Board” in 2002.

He has been president of multiple organizations which have been key to his success. These organizations include the National Estimating Society, Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis, College of Performance Management, and Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Earned Value Management Community of Practice. He is currently the President of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Integrated Program Management Division. He was one of the founders of the Industrial Committee on Program Management for NDIA. In addition, for 10 years he was a member of the Board of Directors for the Professional Services Council and a key member of their Executive Committee. He is the Chairman of PSC’s Defense and Intelligence Executive Advisory Council. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Earned Value Management Community of Interest (EVM CoEye) and Associate Director of the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG), He is a member of the AIM Council (formally the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Forum).

  • “Defense Award for Exceptional Public Service,” Office of the Secretary of Defense, the highest award a private citizen can receive from Department of Defense (DOD). (2007, 2014)
  • “Hans Driessnack Distinguished Service Award,” College of Performance Management, for making major contributions to project and performance management, earned value management, policy, concepts, and practices that have national and global implications. (2013)
  • “Frank Freiman Lifetime Achievement Award,” International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA), its highest honor. (2010)
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award,” Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA), its highest honor. (2005)
    Certified Cost Analyst/Estimator, International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA). (1985 – Present)

Key Publications
  • Author/Editor of “Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items”, Military Standard – 881B, 881C, 881D, and 881E published 1993, 2011, 2018 and 2020.
  • Key Contributor, ISO/TC258 21500 2020 “Contexts and Concepts”
  • Key Contributor, ISO/TC258 21502-2020 “Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on project management
  • Key Contributor, ISO/TC258 21508 2018 “Earned value management in project and programme management”
  • Key Contributor, ISO/TC258 21507-2018 “Work breakdown structures for project and programme management”
  • Author/Editor of “Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items”, Military Handbook – 881, 881A, published 2005, 2008
  • Co-Author, PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value Management (EVM) (2nd Edition) (2011).
  • Co-Author, NDIA Application Guide, published 2012
  • Co-Author, NDIA Integrated Baseline Review Guide, published 2015
  • Key Contributor, Member of Review Board, Government Accountability Office – “Cost Estimating and Assessment Handbook for Government Programs” (1st Edition) (2005 – Present), published 2009.
  • Key Contributor, Member of Review Board, Government Accountability Office – “Schedule Assessment Guide” (1st Edition) (2012 – Present), published 2015.
  • Key Contributor, Member of Review Board, Government Accountability Office – “Technical Assessment Guide” (2014 – Present), draft published 2015.
  • Editor and Co-Author, “Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook”(2nd Edition) (2003).
  • Editor and Co-Author, “Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook”(3rd Edition) (2007).
  • Member Review Board, PMI Practice Standard Work Breakdown Structures (1st Edition) (2008).
  • Co-Author, Department of Energy (DoE), Performance Measurement Planning Guide
  • (1st Edition) (1978), first official documentation for implementing Performance Measurement requirements in DoE, based on Department of Defense development and implantation.