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How consultants streamline the acquisition management process
March 14, 2022 at 4:00 PM
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Acquisitions are stressful by nature. The process has so many individual components that need to be addressed properly, and you have to deliver results fast, especially if your company has shareholders.

Because the acquisition management process typically requires seemingly constant attention from various levels of the organization, it is not a bad idea to bring in outside help. This way, the process can be better streamlined to maximize efficiency from start to finish.

At NFA Consulting, we provide professional consulting services for acquisition management and related processes. We understand how to manage technology and organizational requirements to provide tailored solutions for your business needs. Here’s what we can do for you.

1. Help you navigate the nuances of the acquisition process

Acquisition management can be complicated, intimidating even, especially if this is your first time. A consultant can help you understand the many nuances associated with the process so you can achieve your end goals faster and with lower chances of making costly mistakes.

At NFA Consulting, we provide guidance through time-tested methodology and streamlined transaction execution.

2. Perform business valuation

Business valuation is one of the most integral steps in the acquisition process. It involves assessing the acquiring business and making sure that the books are in order. It’s also important to ensure that all relevant paperwork is readily available — incorporation certificates, tax filings, financial statements, lease agreements, and so on.

A consultant can help get all these done quickly and efficiently. Getting this step right is crucial for simplifying the acquisition process. It eliminates unnecessary back-and-forths between parties and ensures a smoother flow from one stage to the next.

3. Develop tailored acquisition strategies and tactics

No two acquisition management processes are the same — and rightly so! What works for one organization will not necessarily work for yours. By working with a consultant, you can plan the acquisition process better and develop a strategy that is tailored to your requirements.

We’ll help you set up and execute tactics that are in line with your company’s vision. More importantly, we’ll steer conversations towards important criteria and considerations, such as operational capabilities and technological innovations of the entity that you want to acquire.

4. Assist in meeting unique program needs

NFA Consulting can conduct business modeling and deal structuring to meet the unique program needs of your organization within budget and regulatory requirements.

Our consulting experts can also help fast-track the due diligence process. This stage involves performing a detailed analysis of the target company’s assets and operations. Done properly, due diligence reveals any weaknesses or drawbacks that you’ll need to be aware of before confirming the deal.

5. Offer outside objective opinion

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of the acquisition process that we overlook certain important considerations. Hiring a consultant can provide you with an extra pair of eyes to scrutinize the deal and gain objective insight into areas that may require special attention.


6. Help with negotiating and closing the deal

Negotiations can often take a while to conclude, especially when there is a wide gap between expectations from either party. Having a professional acquisitions management consultant at your side can help speed things up and ensure you close the deal in a satisfactory manner.

Our NAF Consulting team can also help with streamlining the integration process once the acquisition is complete. We provide the right navigation tools in business partnerships and alliances so systems and operational strategies can be better aligned to efficiently achieve set goals.

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