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How growth management consulting services help your company
January 13, 2022 at 5:00 AM
A man offering growth management consulting services.

Growth is great for any company, but sustainable growth is essential.

Maintaining your organization’s growth means having the right plans in place to keep it going at a healthy rate. This doesn’t always mean getting things moving again if your company hits a performance plateau. Sometimes, it means managing growth that’s happening at a fast pace by making sure you can keep up.

Growth management is an important enough concern for any company that it’s worthwhile to have a dedicated person in place to oversee it. In this blog post, we’ll detail what a growth manager does and how growth management consulting services may help your company.

What does a growth management consultant do?

Growth managers operate in a manner that integrates product development with marketing initiatives. While increasing a company’s profitability is the overall goal of the entire organization, it is the singular focus of a growth manager.

A growth manager helps determine a company’s growth objective, then plans and executes a growth strategy using a variety of data points. Much of this data comes from various forms of customer behavior analysis, including A/B testing, targeted promotions, and more.

A growth manager needs to understand an organization’s customer base and the appeal of their products and services to those customers better than anyone else. Only with this understanding can they set a well-informed, manageable growth objective that helps the company sustain and increase their profitability. Much of the way customers perceive a company rests in the hands of a growth manager.

Why hire a growth management consultant?

With so much responsibility resting on the shoulders of someone in this position, it’s of paramount importance that their experience and skills lend themselves to the work they’ll be expected to do.

You can certainly hire someone with experience and a willingness to dedicate the time needed to truly get to know your company’s customers and products, but you may save time hiring a growth management consultant to handle the job instead.

While a consultant is often only a temporary addition to your team, they are no less dedicated to understanding your company and customers. On top of that, they may often have more experience handling the responsibilities of the role and clear metrics showing prior successful results with companies like yours.

Working with a consultant may also make it easier for you to understand what an effective growth manager needs to be able to do to help your company, and for a member of your team to take on the position afterward.

Keep your company on the right track with NFA Consulting

The path to sustainable growth will, of course, be different for every organization, but you can rest assured you’ll be on it when you work with NFA Consulting.

Generally, a few key areas of focus help us create custom strategies that allow our clients to be consistently (and increasingly) profitable over time, including:

  • Strategic planning to prioritize goals and resources
  • Cost estimating for your company’s major investments
  • Acquisition management: to make mergers and acquisitions as smooth of transitions as possible
  • Project performance analysis to better understand the success of your company’s initiatives
  • Risk assessment to keep you devise solutions for negative trends or future potential issues

With over four decades of experience, our growth management consulting services offer customized solutions for growth that’ll keep your company trending in the right direction. Schedule a consultation with us to get started.