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Removing the Guesswork: How to Measure Project Performance with Strategic Planning
April 3, 2023 at 10:00 PM
Removing the Guesswork: How to Measure Project Performance with Strategic Planning

As a project manager, your role is to complete initiatives on time, on budget, and to the stakeholders’ satisfaction. While that may seem like a tall order, it can be accomplished with the right tools, techniques, and strategies. One such strategy is measuring project performance by taking advantage of strategic planning with help from a consultant. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of measuring project performance, what metrics to use, and how consultants can provide valuable insights to improve project outcomes.

Steps to Take When Measuring Project Performance

Measuring project performance is essential for determining how well the project is running and ensuring it is headed in the right direction. Without a proper measurement system, it can be difficult to identify areas that require improvement, which can ultimately lead to project failure.


One of the most effective ways to assess a project's performance is through key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs provide quantitative data that can make progress easily measurable. Examples of KPIs that can be used to secure the desired outcomes of a project include timelines, budget, quality, and scope of work. For instance, if you have set a timeline for a project, you can track the project's time performance to see how far you are progressing and how much time you have left to complete the project.

Measure Performance

Consultants play a vital role in helping companies measure project performance successfully. Through their strategic planning skills, they analyze project data to measure progress and identify areas of improvement, hence providing a fresh perspective. Additionally, consultants are experts in guiding businesses on measuring performance accurately, giving you the tools you need to make meaningful improvements.


The next step is to use the data to create a plan that involves corrective actions to improve a project's overall performance. Formulating an action plan that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) is important. The implementation of corrective measures should commence immediately to avoid project failure. If implemented early enough, KPIs can help course-correct and prevent further deviations from the original plan.

Supplementary Training

Another advantage of engaging a consultant is the additional training and coaching that can be provided to your team. Consultants have a lot of experience working on different initiatives, and their expertise can be used to give your team tips on handling complex situations based on best practices. This additional coaching can be a significant value-add to any company, as the knowledge acquired from consultants is carried over to future projects.

Choose the Trusted Experts for Advice on How to Measure Project Performance

Measuring project performance is a crucial part of managing any project, and when done properly, can ensure project success while reducing costs and wasted time. It can be done in stages and help identify areas needing improvement and consideration when embarking on complex projects. By removing the guesswork and replacing it with strategic planning, organizations can perform more efficiently and effectively, allowing them the opportunity to capitalize on potentially lucrative opportunities.

Strategic planning is a key part of a successful project management process, ensuring all stakeholders have clarity on their roles and responsibilities. When used correctly, strategic planning serves as a valuable guide for measuring project performance accurately and cost-effectively. Ultimately, embracing strategic planning removes project management's ambiguity so that teams are better equipped to succeed.

Strategic planning, consultants, and the utilization of comprehensive metrics are integral tools to ensure achievable success. Based in Burlington, MA, NFA Consulting is a strategic planning and growth management consulting firm that specializes in helping government and industry-leading organizations achieve their goals. Get in touch today to learn more about how to measure project performance.